Cry For You
Season 2, Episode 18
First Aired TBA
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"The Open Door"
"Do You Believe In Magic?"

Cry For You is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Fusion. It is set to be the prom episode


Senior prom time has arrived at St Lukes and with it comes the annual drama of Prom Queen... Which resident Senior-Zilla Sabrina is running for this year... With Sa-Diva pushing everyone's buttons will any of the performances be up to Quinn levels of perfection?


Song Title Original Artist(s) Performer(s)
Shawty Get Loose Lil' Mama feat. Chris Brown & T-Pain The Spirit Sirens
Lorena Bobbitt † Aaradhna Ross
Spotlight † Glee: Fusion Lucas
The Reason Hoobastank Alastair, Blaine, Caleb, Eric, Johnny, Lucas, Nick & Shayne
ABC/Walking On Sunshine The Jackson 5/Katrina & The Waves Blaine, Damien, Jack, Marcus & Paul
Come On Home Titanium Ross with Fusion Boys

Royals/The Way

Lorde/Ariana Grande feat Mac Miller Blake, Harrison, Leon, Marina & Sabrina
Maria Blondie BethanyJasmineLea & Unique
All Time Low The Wanted Adam, DeclanEric, Jude, Lucas, Nick & Rory
Wide Awake/Princess Of China Katy Perry/Coldplay feat. Rihanna Adele, Celine, Daria, Precious, Shayne & Sugar
Best of Me The Letter Black Harrison
We Got The Beat The Go-Go's Fusion
  •  Denotes an unreleased song