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Glee Club


David Fletcher (Co-Director)
Quinn Williamson (Co-Director)
Johnny Ainsley (Co-Captain)
Lucas Kingsley (Co-Captain)


St. Lukes High School


1st Place - Season 1 & 2 Sectionals
1st Place - Season 1 Regionals
6th Place - Season 1 Nationals
4th - Season 1 Showcase
1st= - Season 2 Regionals



Fusion is the glee club at St. Lukes High School

St. Lukes High School's Glee Club has a very bad history with competitions, with not having won ANY since the 80s.

The new and improved Fusion is going try change all that.

In the first season Fusion gained very little popularity unitl they reached Nationals in New York City.

In the second season however they were instantly popular this is possibly because they had come 4th in the country.

Current MembersEdit

Previous MembersEdit


Member ListEdit

No. Name~ Status Solos* Position
1 Clara Tomlinson Quit 0 Member
2 Heather Payne Active 37 Female Lead, Co-Captian
3 Jasmine Collins Active 26 Member
4 Lea Cornish Active 33 Member
5 Loretta Hudson Active 11 Member
6 Johnny Ainsley Active 29 Co-Captian
7 Jude Cresswell Active 23 Member
8 Lucas Kingsley Active 44 Male Lead, Co-Captain
9 Marcus Knight Active 22 Member
10 Matt Neal Transferred 6 Member
11 Paul Davies Active 19 Member
12 Adam Best Active 18 Member
13 Nick Lewis Transferred 7 Member
14 Angel Fraser Graduated 5 Member
15 Sugar Motta Active 31 Member, Wardrobe Committee
16 Eric Holder Active 26 Member
17 Dylan "Precious" Boyd Active 22 Member
18 Bethany Lopez Active 6 Member
19 Adele Hebberd Active 23 Member
20 Caleb Myers Active 22 Member
21 Alastair Cook Active 20 Member
22 Aqua McMillan Transferred 7 Member
23 Shayne Wilson Active 15 Member
24 Rory Flanagan Active 19 Member
25 Nick Duvall Active 17 Member
26 Gwen Parker Transferred 5 Member
27 Valerie McDonald Transferred 4 Member
28 Blaine Anderson Active 18 Member
29 Damien Vox Active 12 Member
30 Harrison Atkins-Swallow Active 13 Member
31 Summer Origliasso Active 8 Member
32 Celine Scott Active 9 Member
33 Daria Hews Active 8 Member
34 Declan Harrison Active 11 Member
35 Marina Sanders Active 10 Member
36 Wade "Unique" Adams Active 6 Member
37 Sabrina Duff Active 9 Member
38 Leon Rouven Active 7 Member
39 Jack Horner Active 0 Member

* Only in songs where whole club performs.
~ Only those who were members for longer than one episode.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Audition SongsEdit

Every member of Fusion has auditioned to enter so far


Solos for Sectionals (Call Backs and Drop Outs)Edit

Diva Off For Sectionals Solos (The Good, The Bad and The Talented)Edit

A Group Number For Sectionals (The Good, The Bad and The Talented)Edit

Preparation For Sectionals (Show Choir Chaos)Edit

Work on Solos (Soulful Solo)Edit

Songs About Lonliness (Alone)Edit

Songs About "Going Through a Tough Situation (Backstabbing Beauty)Edit

Mash-Ups (Mash-Up)Edit

Recruitment of More Members (Playing For Keeps)Edit

Hip-Hop Songs (Old Skool)Edit

Songs About "People Getting Under Your Skin" (Attitude Adjustment)Edit

Team Work (The Show Goes On)Edit

Songs For Prom (Prom Queen)Edit

Solos for Nationals/Showcase (Shining & New York)Edit


New York:Edit

Recruiting More Students (Summer's End)Edit

Trios (Three's a CrowdEdit

Supremes/Dreamgirls Songs (Keep Dreaming)Edit

Beyoncé Songs (Avé Fiercé)Edit

P!nk Songs (Who Knew)Edit

Teamwork (Whenever, Wherever)Edit

Booty Camp Using Songs From Burlesque (Get It Up)Edit

Mash-Ups (Director Drama)Edit

Songs To Reflect Feelings (Double Take)Edit

Nightmare Before Christmas SongsEdit

Evanescence SongsEdit

Setlists For Competitions Edit

Season 1:Edit






Season 2:Edit




Season One TableEdit

Season 1 Summer Break
Name/Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Mr. Fletcher Active
Alyssha Joined Kicked
Carrie Joined Kicked
Clara Joined Active Quit
Heather Joined Active
Jasmine Joined Active
Jennifer Joined Active Transferred
Lea Joined Active
Loretta Joined Kicked
Johnny Joined Active
Jude Joined Active
Lucas Joined Active
Marcus Joined Active
Matt Joined Active Moved
Paul Joined Active
Adam Joined Active
Nick L Joined Active Transferred
Angel Joined Active Graduated
Sugar Joined Active
Eric Joined Active
Dylan Joined Active
Bethany Rejected Joined Active Quit
Adele Joined Active
Caleb Joined Active
Alastair Joined Active
Aqua Joined Active Transferred
Shayne Joined Active
Rory Joined Active
Nick D Joined Active
Gwen Joined Active Transferred
Valerie Joined Active Transferred
Blaine Joined Active

Season Two TableEdit

Season 2 Summer Break
Name/Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Mr. Fletcher Active
Mr. Williams Hired Active Quit
Mr. Williamson Hired Active
Adam Active
Adele Active Absent Active
Alastair Active
Blaine Active
Caleb Active
Dylan Active
Eric Active
Heather Active
Jasmine Active
Johnny Active
Jude Active
Lea Active
Lucas Active Kicked Joined Active
Marcus Active
Nick Active
Paul Active
Rory Active
Shayne Active
Sugar Active
Damien Joined Active
Harrison Joined Active
Summer Joined Active
Celine Joined Active
Bethany Joined Active
Daria Joined Active
Declan Joined Active
Loretta Joined Active
Marina Joined Active
Unique Joined Active
Sabrina Joined Active
Leon Joined Active
Jack Joined Active
Blake Joined