Old Skool
Season 1, Episode 12
Old Skool
First Aired 6th of August
Song(s) Jenny From The Block, Hello/Rolling In The Deep, Whip My Hair, Lose My Breath, Starships & All That I Got (The Make-Up Song)
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"Attitude Adjustment"

Old Skool is the twelfth episode of Fusion.


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Song Title Original Artist(s) Performer(s)
Jenny From The Block Jennifer Lopez Jennifer
Hello/Rolling In The Deep Martin Solveig/Adele Fusion
Check It Out Nicki Minaj feat. Will.I.Am Caleb, Johnny, Jude, Lucas, Rory & Shayne
Whip My Hair Willow Smith Sweet Revenge
Lose My Breath Destiny's Child Fusion
Starships Nicki Minaj Fusion
All That I Got (The Make-Up Song) Fergie feat. Will.I.Am Fusion


  • Although the assignment is "Hip-Hop Songs" majority of the featured music is actually considered R&B not Hip Hop.