Prom Queen
Season 1, Episode 15
Prom Queen
First Aired 18th August 2012
Song(s) One and Only, What You Waiting For?, Take My Breath Away, Homecoming, The Only Exception, I Wanna Go/S&M, Your Song & We Run The Night
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"The Show Goes On"

Prom Queen is the fifteenth episode of Fusion.


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Song Title Original Artist(s) Performer(s)
One and Only Adele Lucas with Caleb
What You Waiting For? Gwen Stefani AngelAquaJasmineLea & Valerie
Take My Breath Away Berlin AlastairCaleb & Lucas
Homecoming Hey Monday AdamJohnnyMarcusNickPaul Rory
The Only Exception Paramore Shayne
I Wanna Go/S&M Britney Spears/Rihanna Fusion & Sweet Revenge
Your Song Ellie Goulding Blaine
We Run The Night Havana Brown feat. Pitbull HeatherJenniferJudeMatt Sugar


  • This episode features Shayne's second solo, The Only Exception.
  • Even though it was referred to as "Prom" by the students and faculty it was in fact just a dance for Freshman and Sophomore students.