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The second season of the fan-fiction written by Purple-Glee-Project.


Main CastEdit

Drew Roy as Alastair Cook (17/23)
Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson (17/23)
Michael Wiesman as Caleb Myers (17/23)
Chris O'Dowd as David Fletcher (17/23)
Niall Horan as Eric Holder (17/23)
Kendall Jenner as Heather Payne (17/23)
Natalia Ramos as Jasmine Collins (17/23)
Logan Henderson as Johnny Ainsley (17/23)
Charles Cottier as Jude Cresswell (17/23)
Tanya Chisholm as Lea Cornish (17/23)
Hinton Burke as Lucas Kingsley (17/23)
Hutch Dano as Marcus Knight (17/23)
Robbie Amell as Paul Davies (17/23)
Josh Hutcherson as Shayne Wilson (17/23)
Vanessa Lengies as Sugar Motta (17/23)

Recurring CastEdit

Liam Payne as Adam Best (17/23)
Jessica Serfaty as Adele Hebberd (16/23)
Kelsey Chow as Bethany Lopez (15/23)
Jack Harries as Damien Vox (17/23)
Taylor Momsen as Daria Hews (15/23)
Joey Graceffa as Dylan Boyd (17/23)
Charlie Puth as Harrison Atkins-Swallow (17/23)
Daniel Carter as Hunter Phillips (1/23)
Jake Johnson as Jared Mandrake (2/23)
James McAvoy as Lachlan Williams (10/23)
Elizabeth Gilles as Loretta Hudson (15/23)
Leighton Meester as Marina Sanders (15/23)
Curt Mega as Nick Duvall (17/23)
Ewan McGregor as Quinn Williamson (14/23)
Jennifer Love Hewitt as Regina Stewart (1/23)
Damian McGinty as Rory Flanagan (17/23)
Natalie Pack as Summer Origliasso (17/23)

Guest CastEdit

Megan Ory as Alyssha Roberts (2/23)
Chelsea Kane as Carrie Anderson (2/23)
Amanda Bynes as Chelsea Hawthorne (0/23)
Erin Sanders as Clara Tomlinson (2/23)
Alexander Ludwig as Conner Stevenson (2/23)
Blake Lively as Kara O'Donnell (2/23)
Erin Wagner as Keri Jones (2/23)
Tyra Banks as Melinda Bower (3/23)
Peaches Geldolf as Michelle Granger (2/23)
Perrie Edwards as Natalie Devereaux (2/23)


Confirmed TributesEdit

  • The Supremes/Dreamgirls
  • Beyoncé
  • P!nk
  • Burlesque
  • Chicago
  • Lady GaGa
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Evanescence
  • Disney

Information on AlbumsEdit

Hinton revealed in an interview about Season 2 that only five (5) of the tribute episodes would have extended plays (EPs) to go with them, he said "The first EP will be called Sasha Gleerce... So you can tell which episode that is."

Hinton also revealed in the same interveiw that "Glee: The Music Fusion" Volumes 4-6 would be released this season with their being so many tributes and 23 episodes this season

Episode Overview Edit

Episode Title Original Airdate Written by
Summer's EndSummer's End Season 2, Episode 1 Sep. 15, 2012

Plot: The break's over and a new semester has started at St. Lukes, Fusion start the year in style by performing as a group with shocking results. Three new members join, and finally they face off with Sweet Revenge

Songs: Summer Nights (Fusion), Champange Showers (Fusion), How We Do (Party) (Fusion), Rewind (Summer), Fireflies (Harrison), Bette Davis Eyes (Damien), Happiness (Sweet Revenge) & You Can't Stop The Beat (Fusion)

Three's A Crowd Three's a Crowd Season 2, Episode 2 Sep. 22, 2012

Plot: David announces that wants to try a duet competition, but Fusion protests saying there's too many of them so he comprimises with them on a trio competition, before the third trio performance drama goes down with one team complaining about Lucas. By the second to last trio performance, Fusion start fighting claiming that their own team is better than someone's elses. In the end Johnny confronts Alastair about his treatment of Lucas, leading to a secret about why Conner has been so nice to Fusion this year.

Songs: Stop and Erase (Caleb), Candyman (Adele, Heather & Jasmine), You've Got The Love (Harrison, Rory & Sugar), Welcome To My Life (Adam, Dylan & Jude), Next To Me (Blaine, Lea & Summer), Black Heart (Caleb, Lucas & Nick), Payphone (Alastair, Eric & Shayne), Safe and Sound (Marcus, Paul & Shayne), (2am) Breathe (Caleb, Damien & Johnny) & Remedy (Fusion)

Keep DreamingKeep Dreaming Season 2, Episode 3 Sep. 29, 2012

Plot: After Fusion gets sick of Lucas' over-the-top diva behaviour they decide that it's time for him to go. After kicking him out David decides that the group should look at the music of The Supremes, also to look at the musical they inspired, Dreamgirls, because the stories they tell are a lot like Fusion's current situation.

Songs: It's All Over (Fusion), And I Am Telling You, I'm Not Going (Lucas), You Keep Me Hangin' On (Alastair, Caleb & Lucas), Listen (Fusion Boys), Baby Love (Alastair) Stop! In The Name Of Love (Caleb), When I First Saw You (Marcus), Dreamgirls (Fusion Girls) & I Am Changing (Lucas)

Missing a PieceMissing a Piece Season 2, Episode 4 Oct. 6, 2012

Plot: Fusion start to really miss Lucas to a point of wanting him back. But with two new co-directors everyone seems to be happy, well at least that's what Lucas thinks. The boys and girls are set the challenge of to sing a song about how one person in the boys/girls team feels about the whole Lucas situation. Blaine gets some heartbreaking news and finds a new flame at St Lukes.

Songs: My Favourite Things (Quinn), The Rose (Lachlan), Where Do I Go From Here? (Lucas), Don't You Want Me (David & Quinn), I Don't Want To Know (David & Quinn), Ironic (Fusion Boys), Shut Up (Fusion Girls) & My Heart Will Go On (Blaine)

Welcome HomeWelcome Home Season 2, Episode 5 Oct. 12, 2012

Plot: After a week of arguing and complaining Fusion decide it's about time that they welcomed Lucas back into Fusion. But with a new diva on the block called, Miss Celine Scott. Will Fusion have a repeat of previous events.

Songs: Home (Lucas), I'm Like a Bird (Fusion), Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Lucas), Mary's Song (Celine), The New Girl In Town (Fusion Girls), Thank U (Heather, Jasmine, Johnny, Jude, Lea, Lucas, Marcus & Paul) & Home (David & Quinn)

Avé FiercéAvé Fiercé Season 2, Episode 6 Oct. 21, 2012

Plot: After David realizes that the Glee girls are pushed around and forgotten about a lot of the time he decides the kids will do a Beyoncé tribute to show the girls that they don't have to be the minority in the group

Songs: Crazy In Love (Fusion Boys), Freakum Dress (Jasmine), If I Were a Boy (Sugar), Ave Maria/Hello (Heather & Marcus), Irreplaceable (Lucas) Smash Into You (Johnny), Sweet Dreams (Fusion Girls), Scared Of Lonely (Alastair) & Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) (Fusion)

DreamersDreamers Season 2, Episode 7 TBA


Songs: "One Of The Boys" (The Rude Girls) "Get Sexy" (Sweet Revenge) "New In Town" (Fusion Girls) "Dreamer" (Alastair) "We Built This City/ We're Not Gonna Take It" (Fusion) "World Behind My Wall" (Fusion) "The Way You Look Tonight/ You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile" (David, Heather, Jasmine, Lucas, Nick and Quinn)

JumpingTrainsJumping Trains Season 2, Episode 8 TBA


Songs: "The Great Escape" (Marina) "Warwick Avenue" (Daria) "Born To Die" (Declan) "Me Party" (Adam, Alastair, Caleb and Eric) "Try Again" (Lucas) "Judas" (Johnny) "Hot N Cold" (Sugar with The Spirit Sirens) "1 Thing" (Fusion)

WK Who Knew Season 2, Episode 9 TBA


Songs: "Please Don't Leave Me" (Alastair) "I Don't believe You" (Lucas) "Cuz I Can" (Fusion) "Just Like A Pill" (Adam with Fusion Boys) "Heartbreak Down" (Declan) "Don't Let Me Get Me" (Fusion) "Funhouse" (Daria, Marina, Shayne) "Who Knew" (Blaine, Lucas and Nick) "Raise Your Glass" (Fusion) "Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self" (Adam, Alastair, Blaine, Heather, Jasmine, Johnny, Jude, Rory, Lucas, Nick, Shayne and Sugar)

WWWhenever, Wherever Season 2, Episode 10 TBA


Songs: "Call My Name" (Unique) "Swagger Jagger" (Adam, Caleb, Declan, Eric, Heather, Jasmine, Lea, Lucas, Nick, Shayne, Sugar and Unique) "Frozen" (Heather with The Spirit Sirens) "Settle Down" (Sabrina) "Demons" (Fusion Boys) "The Wicked And I" (Leon) "Shape" (Fusion Girls) "Outta Here" (Adam) "Wet" (The Spirit Sirens) "Bulletproof/ I Will Survive" (Fusion)

GIUGet It Up Season 2, Episode 11 TBA


Songs:"You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me" (Alastair) "Something's Got A Hold On Me" (Unique) "But I Am A Good Girl" (Loretta) "Express" (Fusion Girls) "The Beautiful People" (Fusion Boys) "Show Me Your Burlesque" (Fusion)

ITFCJIn the Fusion County Jail Season 2, Episode 12 TBA


Songs: "All That Jazz" (Sabrina) "Mister Cellophone" (Paul) "Nowadays, Hot Honey Rag" (Marina, Adam, Nick and Precious) "When You're Good To Mama" (Melinda) "Cell Block Tango" (Celine, Declan, Harrison, Jasmine, Lucas and Sugar) "We Both Reached For The Gun" (Fusion) "Razzle Dazzle" (August, David, Hunter, Jared, Lachlan, Melinda, Quinn and Regina)

DDDirector Drama Season 2, Episode 13 TBA


Songs: "Happy/ Perfect" (Fusion Boys) "California Gurls/ Teenage Dream" (Fusion Girls) "Toxic/ If You Seek Amy" (Fusion) "I Can't Go For That/ You Make Make My Dreams" (Lachlan's Team) "Anything Goes/ Anything You Can Do" (Quinn's Kids) "Maneater/ Titanium" (David's Group) "Put Your Hearts Up/ What's Up" (Fusion)

TFMThe Fame Monster Season 2, Episode 14 TBA


Songs: "So Happy I Could Die" (Heather) "Fashion" (Marley with Faded Denim) "Dance In The Dark" (Justin with New Tricks) "Paper Gangsta" (Heather and Sugar) "Bad Kids" (Fusion) "Hair" (Fusion) "Americano/ Marry The Night" (Fusion) "Poker Face" (Declan and Lucas) "You & I" (Sugar)

DTDouble Take Season 2, Episode 15 TBA
HTHalloween Town Season 2, Episode 16 TBA
TODThe Open Door Season 2, Episode 17 TBA
CFYCry For You Season 2, Episode 18 TBA
DYBIMDo You Believe In Magic? Season 2, Episode 19 TBA
AMLTA Moment Like This Season 2, Episode 20 TBA
BLBCBright Lights, Bigger City Season 2, Episode 21 TBA
WUIVWaking Up In Vegas Season 2, Episode 22 TBA
TSOVThe Smell Of Victory Season 2, Episode 23 TBA


  • PGP says there's a reason for there being 9 tributes this season. Because there was no tributes last Season he felt it would be a good idea to make up for it this season.
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