With A Little Hope
Season 1, Episode 5
With A Little Hope
First Aired June 8th 2012
Song(s) Mirrors, Just A Girl, Perfect, Hollywood, Keep Holding On, Army Of Love, Blown Away & Strange
Written By Purple-Glee-Project
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"Show Choir Chaos"
"Soulful Solo"

With A Little Hope is the fifth episode of Fusion. This episode will be published on the 18th of June 2012.


Is published here:

Episode 5: With A Little Hope


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Song Title Original Artist(s) Performer(s)
Mirrors Natalia Kills The Go Girls
Just A Girl No Dobut The Go Girls
Perfect Simple Plan Carrie
Hollywood Marina & The Diamonds Sweet Revenge
Keep Holding On Avril Lavigne Sweet Revenge
Army Of Love Kerli Fusion Girls
Blown Away Carrie Underwood Lucas
Strange Tokio Hotel feat. Kerli Fusion